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Blackwell Dairy Farm

Blackwell Dairy began in the year 1913.  Milton Blackwell moved from Vancouver and bought a farm east of Kamloops, in Barnhartvale.  


The farm produced fresh milk and Milton sold all his farm products in Kamloops at the farmers market and through home delivery. 

In 1928 the farm headquarters moved to its present location and built a new dairy barn.  Son's Arthur and Everett slept in the loft of the new barn that winter and milked the dairy cows. In 1947 Arthur took over the farm from his father, Milton.  In 1952 Milton passed away and Arthur sold many of the dairy cows and pursued the sheep business.  In 1966 Arthur partnered with his son Ted and began the building of the dairy farm once again. 

The milk produced was shipped to Noca Dairy located in Vernon.  In 1983 they built their own processing plant.  The processing plant was incorporated in 1986 and thus Blackwell Dairy Farm Inc. was formed. 

Blackwell Dairy has provided a working environment second to none for many family members as well as others over a long period of time.  Ted and Arthur remained partners until Arthur's passing in 2004.  

After a fire destroyed the beautiful processing facility in 2017, Blackwell Dairy Farm will continue the tradition of excellence with the construction of a new processing facility on the same footprint as the old plant. 

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