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Our Products

Since 1913, one of BC's finest dairies has flourished in the natural setting of Kamloops. Made from the milk of our cows and nearby dairy farms, Blackwell has produced some of the best pasteurized products in Canada  since 1983. 


Blackwell Dairy Farm supplies farm fresh milk and cream to surrounding communities and is well recognized for our chocolate milk and egg nog.


Fluid Milk

Homogenized 4L, 2L & 1L 


2% Milk 4L, 2L, 1L,

473 ml & 250 ml


1% Milk 4L, 2L, & 1L


Skim 4L & 2L 

Chocolate Milk 2L, 1L, 473 ml & 250 ml


Whip Cream 1L & 473 ml

10% Table Cream 1L &

473 ml

18% Table Cream 1L & 

473 ml


           Golden Valley Eggs

                    White Eggs

Brown Eggs

                 Free Run Eggs

Other Products

Island Farms 

  • 14% Sour Cream 250 ml

  • 14% Sour Cream 500 ml

  • Aerosol Whip 225 g

  • Aerosol Whip 400 g

  • Cottage Cheese 4% 500ml


  • 4L Sour Cream

  • Creamers 220 x 9 ml 10%

  • Creamers 220 x 9 ml 18%

  • Salted Butter 454 g

  • Unsalted Butter 454 g

  • Buttercups 300 x 5.5 g

  • 1L - Lactose Free Milk 2%

  • 2L - Lactose Free Milk 2%


We bring out our

Holiday Egg Nog

for not only Christmas,

but Thanksgiving and Easter as well!

Glass of Milk

Tips for keeping your milk fresh

*purchase milk on your last stop before home, refrigerate immediately

*store on the shelf and not the door of refrigerator

Latte Art

Tips for keeping your milk fresh

* consume within 7 days of opening

*transfer smaller amounts to smaller containers to keep the air in the packaging at a minimum

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